Noelle P in San Diego, CA

During my college years I came down with food poisoning that led to IBS-D (diarrhea). I immediately started to react with bloating, cramps, and gas to certain foods that I was able to eat just months before without a problem and struggled for almost a year with daily diarrhea. I went to a gastroenterologist, but was only ordered a colonoscopy, something that I didn’t end up doing because I became aware of the negative affects that they can have on digestive issues. That’s when I found Sandy and began working with her using the LEAP protocol, which was such a blessing. I really wanted someone coming from a holistic approach, using food as medicine, and that’s exactly what I found with Sandy. She was so supportive and really helped me to understand the role of diet and lifestyle on the digestive system and how important gut health is. Since then, I’ve been able to heal my gut and feel I’m at a better place now than even before that experience. Working with Sandy was a pivotal moment in my health journey and I definitely recommend working with her to anyone struggling with chronic illnesses.