Sandy’s experience and expertise saved me. After major spine & neck surgery and weight gain, I was in pain and was always feeling ill. After following Sandy’s very individualized plan for me I lost 20 lbs. and am virtually pain-free. This transformation occurred in a little over 2 months. I am still in the process of feeling EVEN better, which I never thought was possible. If you are ready to be diligent and help yourself find health and freedom from pain I would highly recommend Sandy and the LEAP program.

- Christine Murgel in Kuna

These past few months have been going great!… Thank you so much for everything you’ve done to help me! It’s made a world of difference… I’m happy to endorse your practice, it legitimately changed my life.

- Nathaniel C in Boise, ID

We approached Sandy because my husband has had intestinal issues ever since he can remember. Various traditional doctors couldn’t pinpoint what was wrong. From our very first meeting, she was informative, patient, and understanding. After considering all aspects of health, she helped us through the process of changing our diet. After only two weeks, my husband felt better than he could ever remember. Sandy’s expertise has changed our lives, truly. Thank you, Sandy!

- Alissa Garbini in Nampa, ID

I came to Sandy with the hopes of finding out if I had any food sensitivities that could be contributing to the joint pain I was having due to the diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis. She helped to fine tune the foods I was eating to discover my sensitivities. I have been following the LEAP protocol for two months and my pain has decreased significantly. I’ve even been able to get off of one of my medications. Sandy gave me valuable tools and information as I work to reverse my RA diagnosis.

- Patient in Nampa, ID

Sandy has helped me immensely in my journey to better health! I have gone from chronic fatigue, brain fog, no energy and feeling sick all the time to only occasional mild fatigue, much more energy and just feeling like normal me! I had forgotten what that felt like! It wasn’t easy but so worth it! Sandy is easy to talk to and patient and I HIGHLY recommend her!

- Danni B in Nampa, ID

A thank you …

I want to thank you for helping me … I just wanted to let you know that I am a new person and I haven’t missed any school/teaching this year because of my illness; last year by this time I had missed 15 days. So thank you!

- PA in Twin Falls, ID

During my college years I came down with food poisoning that led to IBS-D (diarrhea). I immediately started to react with bloating, cramps, and gas to certain foods that I was able to eat just months before without a problem and struggled for almost a year with daily diarrhea. I went to a gastroenterologist, but was only ordered a colonoscopy, something that I didn’t end up doing because I became aware of the negative affects that they can have on digestive issues. That’s when I found Sandy and began working with her using the LEAP protocol, which was such a blessing. I really wanted someone coming from a holistic approach, using food as medicine, and that’s exactly what I found with Sandy. She was so supportive and really helped me to understand the role of diet and lifestyle on the digestive system and how important gut health is. Since then, I’ve been able to heal my gut and feel I’m at a better place now than even before that experience. Working with Sandy was a pivotal moment in my health journey and I definitely recommend working with her to anyone struggling with chronic illnesses.

- Noelle P in San Diego, CA

Sandy helped me resolve several health issues. Her sage advice and encouragement also helped me overcome some fears about changing my lifestyle. She is knowledgeable, well-trained and has a bright, optimistic spirit. We are so lucky to have her in Idaho.

- Judy Call in Twin Falls, ID

When I first saw Sandy, I was very sick, but didn’t know why. She suggested we have our home tested for mold and sure enough, an inspector found a leak in a heating and air line and extremely high levels of toxic molds in our home! Over the next year, Sandy walked with me through an elimination diet and helped me find nutritional supplements that I could tolerate without allergic reactions. She went above and beyond to help restore my health and I am very grateful!

- Julie C in Nampa, ID

I approached Sandy because I had low energy and could not lose weight in spite of exercise and basically healthy eating habits. Under Sandy’s guidance, I discovered that my body was reacting to many foods which I regularly consumed – thus the fatigue and weight challenges! Since altering my food intake, I have more energy and I’ve lost 10 pounds. Sandy is not only a skilled practitioner; she is also a great encourager!

- Rhonda in Nampa, ID

I have 100 lbs to lose and I could not do this without Sandy. I found her on the internet and from the moment I saw her website, credentials and what she offered I knew she was the nutritionist for me. I am very serious about losing weight and more importantly changing my eating choices. I am not willing to do it alone and the support and compassion mixed with her intelligence and expertise has helped me lose 31 lbs to date and 32 inches. And I have barely exercised. You should hire her.

- Rebecca Martin Woolsey in Nampa, ID

When I found Sandy last fall, I had been diagnosed with extreme adrenal fatigue. I felt that diagnosis in itself had come through many tests and trials. But even after I had been taking care of that problem and eliminating gluten and milk products from my diet, I was still in pain (especially at night) and I felt this was due to something in my diet. That was when I started searching for a nutritionist and after praying I found Sandy. I was thrilled to find someone who really wanted to help me. After the blood tests I realized I had been hurting my body with foods it couldn’t digest. After being on the diet for three months and gradually adding things back in, I’m pain free! I feel 10 years younger and have much more energy. I’m so thankful I found Sandy because she has really helped work through all this and now I feel like a new person.

- JoAnn Christenson