When I found Sandy last fall, I had been diagnosed with extreme adrenal fatigue. I felt that diagnosis in itself had come through many tests and trials. But even after I had been taking care of that problem and eliminating gluten and milk products from my diet, I was still in pain (especially at night) and I felt this was due to something in my diet. That was when I started searching for a nutritionist and after praying I found Sandy. I was thrilled to find someone who really wanted to help me. After the blood tests I realized I had been hurting my body with foods it couldn’t digest. After being on the diet for three months and gradually adding things back in, I’m pain free! I feel 10 years younger and have much more energy. I’m so thankful I found Sandy because she has really helped work through all this and now I feel like a new person.

- JoAnn Christenson

Sandy’s experience and expertise saved me. After major spine & neck surgery and weight gain, I was in pain and was always feeling ill. After following Sandy’s very individualized plan for me I lost 20 lbs. and am virtually pain-free. This transformation occurred in a little over 2 months. I am still in the process of feeling EVEN better, which I never thought was possible. If you are ready to be diligent and help yourself find health and freedom from pain I would highly recommend Sandy and the LEAP program.

- Christine Murgel in Kuna